Beyond this world, he belongs to the promised land..and he hypnotized me!

This post is a re-plug of what I wrote a few years back in my previous blog. It is very close to my heart, and so is the venerated gentleman in the post. Hence, I have chosen this to be my first post on this blog.

I remember it was the August of 2008. I had been to Vizag, my home town for a weekend. My dad asked me if I would like to go with him to meet an elderly gentleman aged 72 years who had been suffering from the dreadful Parkinson’s disease since two years.
I vaguely remember seeing him when I was around 8 years old in a social gathering, and since then I never got the chance meet to him again except for hearing about his where-abouts. In fact, I even forgot how he looked like. Now, when I had learned that he is in a very poor health, I readily agreed to accompany my dad to his home. But, I was a tad nervous and worried about seeing him nearing the end of his lifetime, and so the jittery butterflies fluttered in my stomach and the umpteen questions rose in my head.

The time had arrived and we were at his house’s door step. An elderly lady of age 67, opened the door. Upon introduction, I came to know she was his better half. I also learnt that they were childless and the fact that she and her mother who was nearing 97 by then had been serving him since the time he was complete bed-ridden took me by surprise and gave me the chills of inspiration.
I could sense an awesome flavor of spiritualism, repose and unflappability as soon as I entered their home.
This venerable couple were retired illustrious professors in a renowned University (he was a Telugu professor while she had been a Physics professor).
She helped us to get into the room where he was resting on his bed. Contradicting the thoughts and imaginations I had about this gentleman’s condition, I was pleasantly surprised to see his welcoming and smiling face as soon as we entered the room. The actualization moved me. For some time I completely forgot that I had come to meet a patient who would leave this world forever very soon.
This gentleman who was supposed to be a very tall and handsome personality in the past, had been reduced to mere bones. Bed sores got his back and he could hardly move. It was extremely awe-inspiring to find him smiling and unperturbed, even in such a bad condition with a body that is totally paralyzed.
To add to the stunning state of my mind, he recognized me and he also managed to utter my name with his extremely feeble and meek voice.
He also told my father that I sing well which I still wonder as to when he actually had heard me sing at my age of 9 and how he could remember that at this stage of his.
His mind as steady as before, his persona very young, lively and active as ever, his thoughts and wits still very wise.
That wonderful moment is the most inspiring and cherishing moment of my life. He also asked me to sing for him and I started off with an Annammaya Krithi without any mere hesitation, fully gingered up. He was very satisfied, relieved and happy to listen to my song and complimented me saying it took him into a divine world.
His attitude changed my mindset completely…in fact I realized that I was the real patient, who was very hesitant, scared, depressed and was in heights of my emotions to meet him. His encouragement had given me the courage and boost to sustain for a lifetime.
When my parents visited him after a few months, he took my name again and remembered my singing.

Ohh what a blessing I have had in my life, meeting him. Yes, it is in deed true that “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

And now, this day I am writing this blog as a tribute to this great person who had passed away recently.
Having attended his memorial service, I feel blessed to have listened to those awesome experiences that many people had in his company.
The happenings in his life and the good things about him that his friends/students/colleagues/relatives have shared were really enlivening. He is a great personality and is an inspirational icon to each and every person that had a chance to meet him.

I end this with my hearty and deep condolences to his family. I end this with a heavy heart. I thank you Sir for all those inspirational moments, I would carry that wonderful experience and inspiration throughout my journey.
I feel blessed to have met a great personality like you, and I pray God for your soul to Rest in Peace!
You truly belong to the Promised Land Sir, Subrahmanya Sastry Garu! Take a bow!

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