The unfathomable Grand Canyon.

Let me be frank. I don’t get it when people say what’s in Grand Canyon except for the rock. Personally, I get very philosophical every time I visit it or think about it. May be it’s just me, as it is said ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder‘. So, here is my little ode to this magnificent natural wonder that awe-inspires me every single time I visit it.

Standing royal, the Grand Canyon reiterates the power of nature to us. Every glance at its dimensions takes our breath away and each attempt to peruse it reminds us how tiny we are in this Universe. It inspires us to be undeterred by the trivial problems of life and to stand sentinel to protect ourselves and those who trust in us. Here is my Grand Salute, to The Grand Canyon!

This photograph was taken by me a few years ago when we visited the Canyon during winter time. Isn’t it more stunning to see it dotted with snow, and don’t you agree that no camera can beat the naked eye’s view! 🙂


Do share links of your blogs on Grand Canyon, I would love to read!


One thought on “The unfathomable Grand Canyon.

  1. RamamohanGB

    ‘GRAND CANYON” wow Grand gift of nature to this undesrving humanity .
    An endless CAN …to the distance YON .u try squint to see its bottom or its fartest end No yonder is truncated to YON and so cannot fathom its dimensions .iit is as futile as trying to read the beauty of a woman;s heart it is yes infathimable ..I can never understand how long I associate myself with nature,body and beauty and a cohesion of all these the ART and the shortcut to it another creative form PHOTOGRAPHY . LoVEL PICTURES though limited in depth of distance and and Spread and the depth cannot be seen all in one the limitation of click photography you need a slow scan video not the modern stream scream variety though ,.creat your own pinhole camera like the base artist creates her his tools and colurs and scrapers earasers .
    Grand Canyon to me (I visited US amny times seen east north northwest soyuth niagara to Florida streamed through penn stayed in washington Dc but bnot mid west and wild west and a bit late .My students are Moms dads and their kids are gems and geniuses and some day bec my students May GOD bless me .but I am devaitibng,sorry aging mind.
    the GRANDCANYON and th SEVEN HILLS TIRUPATHI upto SriSailaam and beyond known as the easter ghats were created By HIM at the same time there are pics not attached here in which The LORD(known as srinivasa ) incarnation of Maha vIshnu lying on his back in meditation perhaps on the seven and tjousands of the snake hoods he hills of Cosmic serpent Adisesha .speak volumes of the grandness and infinity in dimensions of both the east and the west world sharing the EVOLUTION of earth mass from the vast ocean of the GLOBE called Earth satellite of the Star called SUN.
    the grandcanyon and the seven hills [ictures taken from adistance show the lord ‘s nose and forehead and aprt of his chest eyes deep in mediatation .YES this is infahomable .keep trying meditating on the subject if you are the chosen one you see the Vishawa roopa the cosmic figure ancomapassing he universe
    .Bless th humanity who visit both /Congrats another stimulating artin word hi author blessings .OM

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