Lake Pleasant and our Kayak!

NOW is the right time to take an adventure and to experience something magical!

Yes, we went Kayaking in the gorgeous blue waters of Lake Pleasant and enjoyed the thrill of navigating a Kayak through still waters for the first time in life.

Like Morpheus said, “Don’t think you are, know you are”, all it takes is just one moment to decide you can do it and just go do it! Kayaking has always been on my life’s To-do list and I am extremely happy that I made it happen. As much as it scared me to be so close to water wondering what secrets it hid beneath its seemingly calm surface, it offered me the experience of a lifetime and taught me that I am braver than my fears.


Surrounded by mountainous desert landscape, we rowed a bit in the shallow blue waters along side the ducks and lived some wonderful moments of life! Needless to say, my fellow Kayaker was very good at grasping the paddling techniques and made the journey quite comfortable πŸ™‚


Are you a Kayaker? Or, do you have dreams to paddle a Kayak? Take me to your page, and inspire me more! πŸ™‚

One thought on “Lake Pleasant and our Kayak!

  1. Acharya RMGB (vidyogi )

    Very cool experience well scripted .
    No I did not kayak
    But in child hood almost drowned in godavari.
    At age eight I sat in middle of a rubber (inflated ) boat of the student boat club .squeezed in between two senior citizens the boat very similar to kayak 5ft long 2ft across floated our weight and drifted fast the seniors did not know how to use the paddle .our shouts for help God listened sent a swimmer from a big river boat passing by who rescued the boat with a long rope dragged swam to shore .Well had a night mare
    It remains etched life jackets were unknown the boat not for flowing river .ignoramuses .
    Congrats SG3 for kindling my memory if zi drowned then there would be no acharya/vidyogi professor to day to read your adventure thrill and share this true
    experience .keep going nice pics my
    Tooniga by a sea side ?

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