Running on the beach ✓

All good things are wild and free – Henry David Thoreau

This photograph was taken by my dad a year ago, as I ran wild and free on my favourite Vizag beach. I don’t remember the last time I ran on a beach. But this one was a magical experience, apart from being an intensive workout 😉


As I kept going on the shore, fighting the wet sand (I wasn’t efficient 🙂 ), I let the crashing waves touch my feet and kept reminding myself that the whole point of life to feel alive.

I am glad I have this beautiful memory captured in a picture, thanks to my dad! It lifts my spirits everytime I see it 🙂

Do you have any such memories? Do share in comments.

2 thoughts on “Running on the beach ✓

  1. RamamohanGB

    Henry David Thoreau: That stirs many memories and this rolling stone on the vizag beach throws a stone on my lake placid cretes waves of thoughts going back on my time line of eight decades .
    Yes I did run from childhood to senior citizen run for a fifth kind ; a few to share from the fading memory : My first day at school : iit wasa thached roof with mud floor and mats to sit on .Along rope hung from ceiling ,A smiling teacher came with a long cane in hand had big long ,mustache.
    His smile was somewhat “michievous:” (Later in my post retirement a student remrked on fb look at his mischievous smile ,on my birthday picture ) but back to school; I timidly askd what is that ripe for ? He told That bad kids will be asked to hold and swing and will be caned like this He showed a whiff from his cane ,I got up picked my tiffin box and ran home to my Mom .an olympic record .
    next: in youth right up to sixty eight years I ran for a cause and purpose : ( I played for school nad college as a student and faculty in tournaments of cricket : between the wickets faster than Bradman and Sachin tendulkar ,and Dhoni ;tumbled before the crease ,got knocked on the nose and mouth 😉
    in 1997 on my first visit to USA ,myself and my wife then had a transit at Detroit airport .They confused the Gates ,yiu get the idea: I ran with our carry on bags on the escalator /It runs at aspeed like aroad and if you wish you can run knowung theory of relativity .My wife a coll tortoise leisurely jogged at a foot per two seconds. It was a new record .we managed to stepin before the
    aircraft closed its doors . Nd the plane ran or flew but we reached Indianapolis in time less than it ook in detroit transit .
    In 1979 ,I was taking my Mom then eighty on train and just missed a connection at Khurda road rly station . but another coming behind just reached the other platform ,I had to go over a bridge witj Mom luggage ; we Indian Hindus pray to Lord Hanuman ;I did He came in the form o a porter and offered to take Mom on his shoulder another to take my luggage ; we ran over the bridge.
    Hanuman flew I did not see and I ran faster than Milkha singh our olympic goldmedallist
    and got into the first bogie as the engine started off puff puff .
    I remember two grass hoppers in my class (read smart ladies who sang a song on Tooneegas or grasshoppers in annual day functions ) who were running not hopping , They have a small place in their heart for me and myself have a large one .(very smart married and have a vihang son and lovely twins or so : thay are still runjing or hopping or working or writing travelling ,or Humming like rolling stones my favourite song “tooneega tooneega …. as they jog ,run or write!)
    but they create a ripple in my lake placid ora storm in my lake waldem (Houston I visited once got scared and ran home 2009)
    All the above friend(s) is not fiction but not untrue stories of my time line
    dedicated to My tooneega the writer ,author ,rolling stomne OUM

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