Shiva, the Limitless and His tranquil Trimbakeshwar!

Ask me what intrigues me the most. My prompt reply would be ‘the transformer, the supreme concept of Lord Shiva‘. I feel that Shiva is there but no where. How simple, soft, compassionate, straight-forward and formless and yet so powerful, infinite and fascinating is He? He is an enigma.


Ask me where I want to go all the time. In my mind there is this ancient stone Shiva temple tucked away in a deep forest and with a river burbling by its side, bringing me a whole lot of tranquility and inner peace taking me far from this tumultuous world. Yet, the question still remains. Can inner peace be achieved only by running away to a serene place? What is the idea of Shiva telling run away or to flow with life? And I think, the answer is this simple – “Sometimes you have to disconnect to stay connected”.

My today’s post is about one of my most favourable places on this earth, the ancient Hindu Shiva Temple and one of the 12 Jyothirlingas, Trimbakeshwar.

70473872_e367a294e3_bphoto credit: Nagraj Salian Trimbakeshwar via photopin (license)

Jyothirlinga, the infinite pillar of light means ‘The Radiant Sign of The Almighty Shiva‘. Trimbakeshwar is surrounded by three hills namely Brahmagiri, Nilagiri and Kalagiri. River Godavari originated in these hills and can be seen distantly from the Lord’s abode. A very serene place, it gets more verdant during monsoons. About the temple, read more here on wiki.

9486379674_581cc9d0d6_bphoto credit: iamrawat Brahmagiri Hills via photopin (license)

It is a very positive experience visiting Trimbakeshwar. You will be given yourself after the visit. You will be left with some new questions in mind and you will get some answers too. You will be left in a unique peaceful state of mind to continue your quest for the light. The simplicity and stillness of the place combined with the aura and holiness of the formless Jyothirlinga radiates good vibes and shows you the right direction.

2851190459_1b05708405_bphoto credit: ganuullu trimbakeshwar jyotirling, nasik, maharashtra via photopin (license)

Did you ever visit Trimbakeshwar? Leave a comment with your experiences. Will see you later 🙂

One thought on “Shiva, the Limitless and His tranquil Trimbakeshwar!

  1. RamamohanGB

    nice pics and narrative a child I followed my parnts in North andhra visitng temples and Lor shiva in the lingam with no decoarationdecor simple worship intrigued my mind and made me query . I lived by the side of Godavari at Rajahmundry and bathed a child ,windered wher it came from heard of Ganga and Bhagiratha mGautama the sage and Go mukh and nasik where i is a shalow water stream you can wde through flowing past Bhadrachalam and finally rajshmundry wher tit becomes enormous and the akhandha splits into two east and west an reahes the sea . you can see the satellite amap.i played cricket on the grass slopes of Godavari ehre the gautam ghat is niw there and was open cremation ground watched the humans join the nature wondered at the buried cemetories dotting the bund scared /asked where is shiva then in the cremation ground or the ecemeeteries spreads bhasma ashes on body like the babjis or boatmen lives on cold himaliyas and wears a thin deeer skin has snakes round his neckand hair in knots but in temple he is shapeleass black white cyimder depth not known I saw him like glass diamond in Rameswaram a crystal sand lingam and also black next and lived in kashi following a childhood dream of rajahmundry to live near him and study I did stayed in BHU aksshi had hsis darshan innumearble times did abhishekam with ganga water carried .and a few leaves of BILWAPATRA My MOM told pushpam phalam patram Toyam means flower fruit and a leaf or just palin water sprikled pn him is accepeted by him He is NI(D)r Asambara means no show decor God simple.unfathomable answers through our atma as antaratama paramatama .
    yes Godavari is Ganga a prtion of bahgurathi brought by sage Gautama and starts asa trickle and becomes mighty in thousand miles .The triam bakeswara as saud is where the threhiils represnting Brahma Vishnu and maheswara the three naadis meet is the Bindu between twoeyes and position of the thrird eye of intellect and wher our prana resides .wher Trishakti manifests on Shiva;s forehead ,triambuka isar together recide there .the trishul creation ,preservation and desruction with swatika the eteranl wheel spins the universe with trushul as its axis ,and the Prime sound IM symbol are intertwined stand as the Jyotiunmanifest .Shiva linga. The three eyed GOD there at nasik triambikeswara . I may visit if he Calls me otherwise he is in my home temple a piece fromm kashi and apiece fron Chidambaram as Nataraja ,I do abhishekam on maha shivarathru with ganga jal i have fro kashi and daily worship the thrinity of untegarted male female Deities OM mahasev .
    interesting article by SG ,blessings .OM

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